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wide_eyed_brwns's Journal

Trade Baby Blues For Wide-Eyed Browns: Graphics
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A graphics community that showcases my latest icons/graphic that I created myself.

about me. 
Hello eveyone! My name is Emily, I'm 16 years old and I live in New Jersey. My main reason for creating this community is to have a place where I can upload all of my latest Photoshop creations. Yes, I am addicted to Photoshop, so having a place to post my numerous creations will be good. I also create the occasional icon tutorial, so be on the lookout for those! I'm in love with Fall Out Boy and All Time Low, so don't be surprised if most of my creations have something to do with either of those. Usually I make band icons, but if you would like me to make something else, I take requests!
Please credit me and comment if you take anything =)

Program: Adobe Photoshop CS4
Operating System: Windows XP

x   credit is necessary
x   comment if you're taking anything
x   no hotlinking
x   these are not bases
x   commenting is always good =)

credit. Userinfo layout and picture, and Journal layout and picture by othskifan @ wide_eyed_brwns.
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